A true story about the first football World Cup 1930 in Uruguay.
A feature film by Matthias Aberle
For years the Uruguayan diplomat Enrique Buero has been fighting for a first World Cup. In 1930, the World Cup will take place for the first time in Uruguay. Shortly before the tournament begins, Enrique Buero is appointed envoy to the International Court of Justice in Den Haag and has to cancel the planned trip to the World Cup. Buero sends his fifteen-year- old son Enrique Junior to represent him on the organizing committee. When Enrique Jr. boards the steamboat “Conte Verde” in Villefranche-sur-Mer to embark to Uruguay, a spectacular journey begins.

FOUR WEEKS IN MONTEVIDEO tells the unbelievable story of a furious tournament full of curiosity, emotion and turbulence. It is a true story about the fabulous first Football World Cup in 1930 in Uruguay, written and directed by Matthias Aberle.