Feature Documentary, 90:00 Min. / England, Germany, Uruguay 2021.
Writer, Director: Matthias Aberle / Director of Photography: César Charlone / Music Composer, Soundtrack: Vangelis / Production Company: Wydoks Media.
There is no event in the world that attracts as much attention as a World Cup. The popularity of this tournament reaches an audience of billions every four years. But how was it in the beginning, how did this tournament come about, who were those who founded the first World Cup?
THE STORY OF THE FIRST WORLD CUP tells the incredible story of the first football World Cup, a furious tournament full of excitement, emotion and turbulence. Previously unused original footage from government and private archives is used here. Scenes from the 1930 World Cup matches, protagonists, audiences and events, precursors of public viewing, newsreels and events surrounding the tournament are shown. Players, historians and soccer experts from all over the world take a stand on questions that were as relevant then as they are today: How much commercialization can the beautiful game tolerate? Is soccer a message of peace and international understanding, or does it symbolize violence? What role do antagonisms and prejudices play in the world’s biggest sporting event?
The first World Cup in 1930 in Uruguay was the big bang of football and gave birth to legends. Today it is a myth, but the founding fathers and the heroes of this tournament are almost forgotten. This film is dedicated to them. Its the untold story of the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930.